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Pashmina Collection

The word Pashmina derived from the Persian word “pasmina” meaning made from wool. These breeds of goats are found in the higher altitudes of Himalayan regions, where the normal temperature drops to -40 degree Celsius with a lowest altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level. The wool comes from 4 different breeds of goats namely “Chantangi” or Kashmir Pashmina goat from Kashmir Region, Malra from Kargil area, Chegu from Himachal Pradesh and Chyangara from Nepal Region. The wool is extracted from the different parts of the body, however the wool from neck and lower belly region is to be considered the best one. One goat sheds near about 80 -170 grams of wool (3-6 ounces) of the fibre. The wool is then sent for cleaning where the workers in a factory remove all the impurities present in the wool. Once the cleaning process is done then the wool is sent for Spinning. The fibres are then combed, straightened and rolled into Yarns.
Francis Berniek was the first European to visit Kashmir (in 1664), and wrote about the softness and delicacy of this local fabric. These shawls are woven on handlooms by men and are about 2 metres long and 1.25 metres wide. Pashmina shawls are of two kinds:

  1. The Loom shawls woven entirely on the loom.
  2. The Embroidered shawls woven with an embroidered pattern.

Different color variations can be used depending on the demand of fabric in the market. We have a wide variety of Natural Pasmina collection which are different from machine made ones. Please note the following points while buying a pashmina from the Market.

  1. Since pashmina wool is a natural fibre if you burn this wool it will smell like burning human hair.
  2. The natural off white color pashmina is always different from machine made ones.
  3. The wash care instructions to be read properly and dry cleaning is always recommended, since natural fibre will loose its strength once you wash the piece.

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