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Blue sapphire ring set in white gold
Tanzanite,Blue sapphire ring set in white gold
Tanzanite, Blue sapphire Ring set in White gold
Hydro Sapphire set in Yellow gold
Blue sapphire ring set in white gold


Sapphire is one of the the most valuable and desirable gemstones due to its excellent colour, luster, hardness and durability. The dark blue color hue is what makes the stone on the rarest stones of its kind. Sapphire is a pleochroic gemstone, displaying a lighter and more intense colour when viewed from different angles.


Sapphire often contains minor inclusion of tiny slender rutile needles, which when present decrease the transparency of the stones and are known as silk. Sapphires displaying asterism are known as “Star Sapphires” and these are highly prized.

Sapphire is found in only a few locations around the world. The three most famous regions of Blue Sapphire are Kashmir, Sri Lanka and Burma. The finest Kashmir and Burmese sapphire displays superb color and clarity without any thermal heat treatment.

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