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The name comes from the Tamil and Sinhalese word “Turmali” or “Thoramalli”. The most commonly found variants are: Schorl, Dravite and Elbaite. It is most commonly found in pink, red, green, blue and multi-coloured varieties. One of the most beautiful, rare and sought after variant of tourmaline is the ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’ so called because three different colors occur in the same crystal – green, pink and white. Tourmaline is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, the USA and Afghanistan. Some pink and green Tourmalines from contain tiny, parallel inclusions, causing them to display a strong cat’s eye effect when polished and are called “Cats’ Eye Tourmaline”.


Tourmaline was thought to promote happiness, compassion and serenity by the ancients. It is also believed to aid detoxification of the body and boost one’s vitality.

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